If you’re scratching your head wondering what/where the hell “War Drobe” and “Spar Oom” are than you need to book passage for your inner child on the good ship C.S. Lewis and get yourself over to Narnia, as mythical a land to us as ours is to the misinterpreting fauns who inhabit it.

I merely reference such fantastical places as lead-in to an entirely unimaginative post about our “Spar Oom” whose cracked plaster and old paint was left untouched to budget issues with our big upstairs renovation project last year, and since then kept off-limits to little more than the briefest glimpses of visitors. During those times of traveling, we didn’t even demand that our pet sitter sleep in there.

But then at the end  last month our go-to guy, Jesus, who supervised last year’s work, came to Susan to see if we might have any jobs for him, and Susan figured it was the right time to bring him and his crew in to remedy a couple situations left unfinished from last year as well as to plaster/paint the second bedroom into long-overdue shape.

He started January 4 and finished yesterday, and Susan and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally have the spare space in a condition cosmetically enhanced enough that allows us show it off instead of shut if from view.

The pixelated thumbnails below are from a small Flickr photoset here.