I was fully going to go to Street Summit yesterday, but pretty much at the last minute decided I’d rather take care of business around the house, like:

  • watching a new live episode of Those Crazy Possums and then blogging about them
  • sweeping the front yard and sidewalk and parkway and gutter free of the bushels of leaves from the camphor tree because it insists that the close approach of spring is really fall
  • playing catch with the dog
  • watching the cats nap in the sun
  • napping
  • figuring out and then further waffling between vantage points on the roof and the backyard where best to set up my cam and point it down at Sunset Boulevard to timelapse capture the marathoners as they finish Mile No. 7 and begin Mile No. 8
  • continuing on with my streak of washing — inside and out — a room’s windows a week, with this week’s glass being the sun porch
  • Changing out my mountain bike’s way old rear –almost treadless — tire for a brand spanking new and tread-full one
  • Getting my bike ready to go ride the marathon’s course at 3:30 a.m. this morning in ongoing aggravated protest at the event’s organizers summarily canceling the event that I’ve participated in for everyone one of its previous 15 annual editions.

That last point brings me to another mind-change that occurred a few minutes after the alarm I set at 3 a.m. to wake me did its duty this morning (and at such a soulless and dreadful hour by “morning” I mean “depthless hell”). The alarm also woke Susan up, and after a few moments of consideration I mumbled out to her “Agh, I’m not gonna do it.”

She patted me on the arm and went back to sleep. Me? Nope. I tried to drift back off, but I. Was. Awake. And have been since. But at least now — more than three hours later, it’s almost daybreak and time to set up the timelapse cam, from which I will then make it one of my chores today to get it processed and loaded up on YouTube.

PS. I opted for the rooftop cam location, here’s her perspective of Sunset Boulevard: