Yeah, I know… Coyote Corner doesn’t looks much different than it did  in the webcam still captured the afternoon after planting 100 sunflower seeds in it five days ago, but trust me, we’ve got a nice bunch of sprouts rising. There’s more than 30 coming up in the patch itself, and a few more I scattered around the perimeter and out of view to the right.

In case you’re wondering what’s written on the sign, which I borrowed from its long-standing place in the northside garden, it’s “The Earth Laughs In Flowers.”

Right now there’s just some tittering going on, but with a little luck (more sun and less June gloom!) I’m hoping the crescendo will build to an all-out guffaw. Or at least a hearty chuckle.

Oh and I almost forgot: I came along at the right time for a leeeeeetle mouse that The Jig had been using as a cat toy. Though it looked plum tuckered out from being the object of Jig’s attentions, it didn’t appear injured and once it got its bearings it dove into the safety of the frontyard ivy. Before it did I snapped this pic of the cute feller (click to biggify):