Over the past couple weeks I’ve been focused on the biggest blooms of my bunch of backyard sunflowers, but all the while I’ve kept an admiring eye on the runt of the litter, who as nothing more than a sprout got ravaged by some critter that tore off its starter leaves, leaving little more than a stalk.

I thought it for sure a goner, but since then while the other sunflowers around it have grown tall and strong, I’ve watered and watched in awe this spunky little plant that wouldn’t say die and instead found a way to keep on going, albeit in a decidedly minaturized state.

Sure enough, this morning, I gave it a look and found it’s about to beautifully blossom and I couldn’t be prouder to have the lessons of resilience and perseverance taught to me once more by so excellent teacher (click it for the bigger picture):