With the arrival this week of the duplicate pink slip for Susan’s Honda, I was excited to finally deliver it and give it to my daughter Katie yesterday. And we celebrated by taking it first to a carwash and then to get the tank filled up, and then as a bonus she drove us to the Chili’s in Northridge (site of our the reunion back in 2005 that got us to this happy day), and I bought her her first legal drink (at least with her dad) — a strawberry margarita — since turning 21 September 7.

Afterward back at her house we took the obligatory commemorative photo (click for the bigger picture). I even got a high-five from my grandson Aiden.

Then I got on my bike and pedaled the 27.5 miles home from Granada Hills to my beloved wife who I so appreciate for her genorosity in making this gift available to my beloved Katie.