Susan and I were enjoying our morning coffee on the front porch when Ranger went a little yippy and immediately after that I spotted a golden-brown chow loose and crossing from our side of the street to the other. You know me: I’m helpless to ignore a lost dog. ┬áSo I grabbed a leash and managed both to catch up with the friendly beast and bring him back home.

Sporting a choke chain with just a city license tag on it, I put out a call to our neighborhood Yahoo group but after breakfast decided to take the dog for a walk in hopes we might bump into it peeps or it might lead me back to where it lives.

Talk about perfect timing. We hadn’t gotten two houses south when a vehicle drives by and I see the driver’s looking left and right. He slows and I call out “Is this your dog?” and it is.

Relieved and profusely thankful, we make the exchange.

“What’s his name?” I ask.