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But let us not be as thankful the segment opened with the anchor reading: “So it wasn’t a great day to go for a walk unless you like walking in the rain.” For the record, the walk got sprinkled early on, but by the time we got to LaFayette Park the skies dried up and it was actually an exceptional day the rest of the way.

PS. Yeah, that’s me with friends Joni and Don that they cut away from as I flash a peace sign at the cameraman.

These past few days have been a study in caloric amplification. For example: It’s amazing how good eight ounces of eggnog tastes with a large dollop of coolwhip topping and an extra shot of Drambuie. All the better when it was chasing down a slice of my baybee’s fantastic pumpkin pecan cheesecake… one that’s been shamelessly outfitted with a healthy hat of peanut butter.

[singing] …And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again: Who’s bad!?

To top it all off yesterday I ordered an amazing pizza from the previously unknown Tomato Pie Pizza Joint here in Silver Lake, which would have remained undiscovered had I not supported Small Business Saturday with a visit to my local Baller’s Hardware. There it was across the street from the hardware store as I left, and the next day when I was considering football-watching lunch options, visions of pizza danced in my head. About 45-minutes later Tomato Pie had delivered just about the best most unique I’ve ever had. It’s called the Ruthie Swan and its an 18-inch diameter of utter heaven featuring salami, green apples, gorgonzola and caramelized onion. Trust me on this, it’s phenomenal. At $22, it ain’t cheap, but after savoring it I’d only hesitate ordering it again if it was $30 — especially since with an unexpected display of restraint there were leftovers enough for dinner.

But! That was then and this is now. And while I’m gonna give myself a couple days to re-moderate my intake before stepping on the bathroom scale and have it laugh at me, I’m back on the wagon. Yogurt and banana for breakfast. Clif bars. Apples. Actual numeric servings of things rather than just bold grabby handfuls. And no peanut butter fashionably accessorizing anything. Eggnog, however? There are two bottles of Broguiere’s in the back of the fridge. And Tomato Pie’s phone number on speed dial.

I hear laughter coming from the bathroom.

Not sure whether she flew away or blew away, but after this snap was taken by Susan, I set the katydid on a callalily leaf in hopes it would live to see another day. A short while later I came out to check and the critter seemed pretty spent, but then a bit later I checked again and she was gone.

Before Susan took that picture I had spied the insect on the ground by the house with a rear leg snagged in an abandoned spider web, and I freed it, then spent some time trying to get the remnants of the still-sticky threads from her foot.

Unlike my elaborate Halloween doings, the decorations of which get installed over the course of a week or so, Christmas lights at the Campbell household are not subject to a lot of variation (nor are they usually up so early but while still bumming over Alabama’s loss to Auburn I needed something to get my mind off the heartbreak).

We run strands of icicles across the rain gutter, the dormer and the garage, with a strand running up the front steps, and deer in the planter box in front of a wreath. In other words, it takes a few hours of one day instead of five or six — though it does involve me contorting along some potentially precarious elevations, and inevitably getting some roof shingle burn on my calves because I always forget and wear shorts for the duration.

But it’s all worth it (click for the bigger pictures):

Happy holidays!

What was planned as a solo outing ended up being a magnificent 20-mile ride (route map) with friends Don and Stephen and Alice that took us up the LA River Bikeway behind Griffith Park, up the “rollercoaster” then up Mt Hollywood  Drive to its highest point before descending via Vista del Valle Drive back into Los Feliz and home to Silver Lake. It was a beautiful day for a pre-nom calorie burn of a beautiful ride and I’m glad I had great company with which to share it.  Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

click image for the bigger picture

On an awesome Thanksgiving Day ride up and over Griffith Park, I encountered this healthy looking specimen of coyote padding along Mt Hollywood Drive in the opposite direction, and I dutifully turned around and pedaled after it given what appeared to be an apparent habituation to humans. I chase and yell because I love and because fearlessness to us humans will get a coyote kilt.

Timelapse video of the ride forthcoming (of which this is a still), but it’s huge and taking forever to upload to YouTube.

Sorry, but there’s Broguiere’s Eggnog in the house now.  And with that liquid gold weighing in at about 50 calories a fluid ounce — not counting any alcohol augmentation — and three more bottles where this pictured one came from —  it’s officially ’tis the season not to give a damn… or at least not too much of one.

Trust me, I may be “going Brog” so to speak in regards to moderation, but there’ll be a whoooole lot more biking and walking going on these next few weeks to try to balance what will certainly be an increase in intake.