Busting out the vacuum for some long overdue cleaning yesterday morning, I pulled back a drape and stuck the nozzle into a dark area behind the pantry. Thinking the mass in the corner was a mess of pet hair I quickly realized the thing clinging to the tip of the nozzle wasn’t the mother of all dustbunnies, but instead an alligator lizard desperately trying to hold on.

Scrambling to hit the power button I was too late. In it went with a THLOOP!

Susan heard me yell out and came to investigate. Pulling the attachment off I scanned the container to see if it had gone all the way in, but instead as I was wondering what the hell to do next, out the creature plopped onto the kitchen floor, thankfully intact (at least as far as I could tell) — and alive.

So I quickly covered it with a large mixing bowl and grabbed my cam to duly document the encounter before removing it for a little R&R in the tortoise pen, where at some point later it had made its escape.