By coincidence I learned that today marks the 82nd anniversary of the January 13, 1929 death of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp.

I mention it because he died right here in Los Angeles, and while I knew that already, I didn’t know where in the city. A few clicks around the internet showed me first that for awhile he lived at 4021 Pasadena Avenue in northeast Los Angeles. A few more clicks led me to this page on the West Adams Heritage Association that states when he passed away he did so at a bungalow located at 4004 W. 17th Street in the West Adams section of the city. Neither of those two residence remain, but there’s this photo (at right) of Earp purportedly taken at the 17th Street house sometime in the year of his demise.

His beloved wife, Josephine, died 15 years later in 1944 at 1812 W 48th Street in south Los Angeles, and by the looks of the residence shown in the Google map’s Streetview, the house that’s pictured may be the same.