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Go Flight!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Yesterday a Delta IV Heavy rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, making history as the biggest launch vehicle ever shot into space from the West Coast of the United States. Here’s what it looked like from much closer to the action:

And of course, being geek enough about such things, I climbed out on the roof yesteday afternoon and snapped a couple shots of what it looked like about a couple minutes into the event from about 150 miles away (click images for the bigger pictures):

Timelapse: Twice Around The Silver Lake Reservoir

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

It started with a coincidental  bump into Sean Bonner at last weekend’s Silver Lake Farmers Market. Realizing he was back in Silver Lake (after living in Venice for a bit and galavanting around the globe for another bit), we discussed rebooting the Ride of Origin of the IAAL•MAF — of which he is the illustrious co-founder in perpetuitas. Said ride was the quintessence of Laid Back, usually consisted of a couple casual revolutions around the Silver Lake reservoir, more often than not at the break of day.

So last night, while bummed that I had to opt out of a “Scoot & Shoot” ride involving the discharge of firearms (legally at a range, silly) and Japanese noodles Bonner puts out a “Let’s Do This!” email suggesting a 6 a.m. start. As of late I’ve been out walking with my bay-bee at that odd hour, so I answer back that I could be there slightly after the actual break of day at 7 a.m. After that, I lost radio contact so it didn’t surprise me when I arrived at 7 a.m in the parking lot next to Spaceland on Silver Lake Boulevard to find no one else there.

I’m hoping to make a pretty regular morning habit of this ride — roughly done in about 25 minutes. So if you don’t have a genetic predisposition to such an activity at such an hour, think about joining me.

Thirty Seconds Of A Pair Of Mourning Doves As Seen Through The Same Spotting Scope With Which I Got The Previous Post’s Moon Shot

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

My Best Moon Shot Ever

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

The moon popped up into view last night in the northeastern skies and for the first time in almost a year owning a spotting scope, I hauled the device out into the backyard to check out earth’s 60X satellite and — wow! I was blown away by the topographical detail that could be seen.

Though having tried and failed so many times in the past to photograph the moon (ending up most of the time with either a blurred image or a blinding white hole in the sky), I hustled inside and came back with the point-n-shoot, which I pushed up against the scope’s eyepiece, trying to center the moon in the frame and not shake — two things way easier said than done.

Surprise, surprise: I came away with a shot the likes of which I’ve never ever ever gotten before (click it for the bigger picture):

Day & Night Timelapse

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Here’s the timelapse of yesterday’s 31-mile roundtrip bike commute to Westchester from Silver Lake and back:

Of The Hundreds Upon Hundreds Of Motorists I Encountered Across Yesterday’s 31-Mile Rountrip Bike Ride To The Office And Back This One Was My Absolute Favorite

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

First she charges out of a parking lot onto Venice Boulevard without looking to her left and seeing me approaching a couple car lengths back. Had she kept going and merged into the space available for her in the  traffic lane, I’d have nothing to write about. But instead she finally sees me and comes to an abrupt stop fully blocking the bike lane, necessitating my complete stop. Her reaction is to then impatiently motion for me to go by. Wondering if she expects me to ride up and over her truck, I opt to stay put and politely decline her generous if entirely unacceptable invitation, instead urging her to continue.

Morning Snap: Mourning Dove

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Its melancholy call caught my ear while out in the backyard this morning, and this mourning dove obliged me not only by staying put until I could return with my camera, but also by offering up this interesting pose (click image for the bigger picture):