In part because I’m still in somewhat of a long-standing state of disbelief, I haven’t done much posting as we’ve been approaching our upcoming once-in-a-lifetime trip. But after more than a year of knowing about it and waiting for it — bam: the vacation has graduated from upcoming to happening and the time is upon Susan and me to leave our zoo in the good hands of Dog Gone Walkin’ Petsitters and take off tonight for two weeks in the far east — specifically Thailand and Cambodia. Even more specifically Bangkok and Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in Thailand and Siem Riep in Cambodia.

There will be ancient temples explored and elephants adored and Tom Kah Gai upon which to gorge — even a longtail speedboat up the Mekong River will roar us to a village in Laos.

Or. I will wake up from what I still am not entirely convinced isn’t a dream.

But if the dream vacation does turn out to be entirely based in reality, I’ll be hoping to submit progress reports filed throughout the journey as internet conditions may provide.