It’s a given I’m a nut, right? I mean, I don’t have to kualify my krazee, do I? I preface with that rhetorical because today while people all around me are moaning the organizer-driven and city-ordered demise of what was to have been this weekend’s Sunset Junction Festival, I did something I’ve long wanted to do that will no doubt be further evidence to support kookiness.

I put a chair up on the roof.

Work with me here: Given the characteristic keep on truckin’ angle of a pair of adirondack chairs Susan got me as a gift some years back, and given the angle of our steeply pitched roof, rudimentary calculationsĀ  led me to the conclusion that one of those chairs properly positioned in a straddle over the roof’s ridgeline would be inherently stable and secure and afford the sitter prolonged and infinitely comfortable access to the awesome views to the west and north.

And so today, I tested out that theory.

And proved its validity.

Oh yeah.