Sure, the rain started falling last night before I turned in, but it must’ve stopped before I fell asleep because this morning the ground was practically dry and  there was juuust barely 1/8th of an inch captured in the trusty backyard precipitometer.

But a few hours later the skies opened up and stayed open, and when the storm eventually passed the rain amounted to 3 7/16ths inches (let’s call it 3.4375″), bringing us to a seasonal total since I began measuring that first storm October 5 of 10.21875″.

Double digits, baby.

UPDATED (11.21): To you it’s inconsequential, but to the rain geek in me there’s a vast difference in 0.07 inches so in revisiting the rain gauge this morning and seeing some residual wetness raised the level overnight (pic after the jump), I’m hearby revising yesterday’s total up to 3.50″, with the seasonal amount now at 10.28125″.