I’m well aware of how invigorating and enjoyable early rides are, but that still doesn’t make me leap out of bed before dawn and go get some. Fortunately this Easter Sunday morning, I found the motivation and locomotion to get up for a ride that took me from Silver Lake to Atwater Village and then down the Los Angeles River. But instead of crossing the Buena Vista Viaduct and heading into Chinatown I turned right and headed up and over what I call the Elysian Park Crest, a route that takes me to some of the park’s great vistas: Point Grandview, Elysian Heights Park and Angels Point. From there I dropped downhill and wound my way through the park west of Academy Road, eventually coming out onto Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park and home. Great morning. Great ride.

16.44-mile route: http://g.co/maps/2tamu