One of our destinations inside Joshua Tree during our daytrip there this past Saturday was the famous Skull Rock after which Susan and I went for a hike of a couple miles around the rocks in the area.

On our way back we deviated from any marked trail and meandered a bit where we made the totally lucky discovery of an awesome rock-lined spiral path, that certainly took some doing by whoever constructed it (maybe it was a team effort started by someone and then built out by subsequent visitors who happened upon it).

Of course, to honor the efforts of the mystery builder(s) I went to the center of the circle and walked my way out to the other end and Susan snapped me at a point in my progress:

Here’s the timelapse view of the spin I took through it from my chest-mounted GoPro cam:

Afterwards, I went looking on the internet for any information about the man-made formation, but found none. Zero. Then I went to GoogleMaps to see if the spiral was visible via satellite view, and wouldn’t you know? It is (gmaps link):

What a wonderful and entirely serendipitous bonus to an awesome first visit to Joshua Tree National Park, the moral of whose story is: don’t stay on the beaten path because you never know what you’re missing.