Given this weekend, my uneducated guess is sometimes you just gotta over-eat to get your metabolism to lighten up. How else can you explain the scale showing me a new low-low of 220.0 pounds this morning following a weekend of ultra-indulgence that began Friday night with ribs and papaya salad and larb and green tea ice cream from Leela Thai, then continued Saturday with a late-night mega-binge of a Costco-sized bag of pine nuts (seriously, I munched on masses of them through the Harry Potter finale like they were popcorn), which was then encored by Sunday’s richly rich brunch for Mother’s Day at Tam O’Shanter in Atwater Village.

Whatever the reason, it’s so very good to be back here at 220 after SO long away.. even if it’s only for a moment before I bounce back for a return trip to Room 222.