I’m well past halfway through the first (and briefest) of the three modules of instruction at Rio Hondo College, and because the focus has been decidedly towards the academic side, I’ve frankly gotten off REALLY lucky in terms of the physical aspect of the program. For the second and third modules I clearly understand I will not be so lucky and instead will be having my ass kicked. So in the interest of being less unprepared for that reality, I’ve FINALLY buckled down and begun a basic backyard workout. It runs about 45 minutes and consists of four sets of exercises in the following order (repetitions in parentheses):

  • Sit-ups (25)
  • Push-ups (15)
  • Underhand curls* (15)
  • Military press* (15)
  • Upright row* (15)
  • Bent-over row* (15)
  • French curls* (15)

*Curling bar weighs 45 pounds

You’ll want to pay special attention to the fur-bearers who are successful in interrupting my first set of push-ups (Ranger, about 12 seconds in) and my second set of sit-ups (Ranger, Patches and Pepper, at around 45 seconds)… adorable.

It may not be much and this timelapse may make it look like even less (no smartass remarks about the number of laps I do around the patio table), but we all have to start somewhere, and this is where I make my stand and begin to get myself stronger and more physically fit.