I biked to my mom’s in Burbank today to take care of some business with which she needed help. And then I biked home. It was rather head-windy coming back to Silver Lake, so as I grrr’d and grinded my way up Glendale Boulevard to Silver Lake Boulevard, caught my breath coming around the reservoir and looked forward to the downhill at the south end.

Trouble was the head of steam I’d built up at the top of the curvy grade had to be reversed. As I came around the lower bend I had to lay hard on the brakes and abort my weeeeeeeee to avoid barreling into a lady in a Prius who couldn’t be bothered to obey the ample signage and instead of going down to the next side street to turn, had to instead execute a full bike lane-blocking stop at Van Pelt with her right turn blinker going while attempting to “interpret” the NO RIGHT TURN signs and the cones that reinforced them for any loopholes. Of which there weren’t any:

To most decent people the explicit meaning of this abundant signage is: Don’t Even Think About Turning Right Here. But to this driver, it’s apparently just a suggestion.


At the center of her own universe, she was still camped there well after I passed her because I guess she figured the utility workers would have to finish sooner or laterand open the street back up. Or, maybe she thought hybrids were exempt. Or idiots.

Grrrr, indeed.