Ranger Never Ceases To Amaze

Our shepherd/border collie mix Ranger never ceases to amaze. A soccer ball that ended up in our yard courtesy the kids next door led to me tossing it in Ranger’s direction Saturday, which revealed her rather amazing and consistent inate ability to “toss” it back to me.

I say “inate” because how she immediately and repeatedly responded to a large ball being tossed directly  at her head isn’t something we taught her. Nor is it something dogs typically know. In fact, I’d wager that if I tossed a ball at 100 random dogs’ heads for the first time, a few larger breeds might try to catch it in their mouths, but the rest would shy away from the projectile and none would do what Ranger did.

So we’re not only at a complete jaw-dropped loss as to how she picked up such a behavior, but also how it’s so second nature for her.

Perhaps she’s part seal?



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