Did I forget to mention…?

Yeah: I’ve becomeĀ  un porteur des lunettes — a spectacles bearer… a wearer of the eyeglasses. Not just any of the variety of shades I’m usually found in whenever I’m outside (or the over-the-counter readers when I’m trying to make out the fine print on something around the house), but actually prescription lenssesses.

Had my first eye exam in about a decade and a half earlier this month, and the results came back — no surprise — that my vision was no longer perfect, and thus the optometrist recommended I join the ranks of the glasses-wearing public. I labored over the choice of frames, and then anguished over choosing the ridiculously expensive Oakley offering picture above.

But you know what? I like ’em. And since the last pair of custom regular sunglasses I had made at Lenscrafters lasted me 13 years, with fingers crossed against any worsening of my vision, these should last me about as long. And that makes the sticker shock a little more endurable when spread out over a decade-plus.