Though the storm system now leaving the area was pretty much deluge-poor and instead mostly a steady dripper these last four to five days, the tedium of the lack of variation was beginning to feel a bit like we might be headed for 40 days and nights.

Don’t misunderstand me, I luvz me a good and long rainstorm, but I also have about a three-day limit to my tolerance before the steady grayness becomes heinous and I want to will all the low hung mung far, far away.

Deficiencies in downpourings notwithstanding, this slow-rolling series ended up dribbling an exceptional total amount onto our Silver Lake backyard. According to our trusty precipitometer, it fell to the tune of about 3/16ths shy of four inches, or 3.8125″ if you want a more exact estimation (pictured at right, click it for the bigger picture).

November 28 – December 3: 3.8125″
Season Total: 6.1225″