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rain131009Just in case you think I couldn’t have taken a crappier picture of my backyard precipitometer, you should’ve seen the first one I snapped and was about to use only to finally succumb to disgust and go snap this one, which is only slightly less unreadable. The important takeaways from the results of yesterday’s storm?

1) Don’t rely on my iPhone, and

2) Clean the damn precipitometer.

Technically speaking, this is not the first rain of the season. That one occurred on July 11, and dropped a full 0.02″ (count ’em: 0.01, 0.02!) more than yesterday’s sprinklefest. Looking through the accumulated muck in the bottom of the soon-to-be-swabbed-clean vessel I officially log the total from yesterday’s representative sample of rainfall (that looks like it could be squirrel piss) upon our backyard to be an entirely unimpressive one quarter inch… but hey, every 0.25 counts!

October 09: 0.25″
July 11: 0.27″

Season To Date: 0.52″


Well, it is official. I’m a landowner. Last January when my Uncle Doug died I was informed that in his will he bequeathed to me property he owned in Walker County, Alabama. Nine months later, the legal process is complete and I am now sole titleholder to 15 reportedly well-timbered and entirely undeveloped acres, replete with a creek known as Sims Branch (named after my grandmother’s parents) running through it, pictured approximately as shown below via Google Maps.


What makes the gift even more special than being deemed worthy of it by my uncle — who was pretty much one of a very few adult males who demonstrated any kind of regard or concern for me during my childhood — is the fact that this particular plot of land is where my grandmother lived and where I stayed with her when I’d visit as a child.

Her house is long gone now. It was sold years back and its buyers jacked it up off its foundation and moved it to an unknown location. Though I last was inside when I was 7 years old, I can easily recall its layout… and lots of memories.

It’s an interesting sensation to own land that’s been in my family for quite some time, even if its far away and smack dab in the middle of nowhere. I certainly hope to stand upon it sooner rather than later, but who knows. If this life-long experiment as a Los Angeles native ever craps out, odds are this is where you might be able to find me. Either in a log cabin, a double-wide, or a recreation of my grandma’s home constructed from memory.