rain1122Yesterday’s something-of-a-surprise storm did more than I’d expected, but first I gotta play catch-up because indeed after last week’s initial weather system brought us almost and inch of rain onto our Silver Lake backyard precipitometer, the day after ended up delivering a little sumpin’ extra that I failed to follow-up with, to the tune of almost quarter inch — 0.22″ to be as exact as I care to be.

rain1129The gray skies of Black Friday were pretty much completely unexpected. Not only were the various weatherfolk reversing course on previous precipitational prognostications, but at the time we turned in near midnight on Thanksgiving, the skies were clear and starry with nary a drop of rain in sight. Needless to say it was a scramble yesterday morning to cover up the already soggy tortoise hutch. Buster was not pleased. Neither was the hammock.

To make matters wetter the Storm That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen hung around until the latter part of the afternoon, ending up adding more than four-fifths of an inch to the seasonal total.

Season To Date: 2.43″

November 29: 0.81″
November 23:
November 22:
October 09: 0.25″
July 11: 0.27″