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I had places to go during Days 1 and 2 (LAPD Property Division downtown, and work) of my commitment to bike every day for the first 50 days of my 50th year. Today, I had nowhere to be.

So no one said anything about how far I was to ride every 24 hours. Thus on this third of those consecutive days, it was just about getting my ass off the couch, on the saddle and out to the streets for a short silly trivial twirl around the neighborhood whose sole purpose was simply to fulfill the obligation.

As part of my commitment to ride my bike every day during the first 50 days of my 50th year, I met coworker Gary at Union Station when he arrived via Metrolink train from Orange County. We then biked to the office that morning and back to Union Station that afternoon.

I turned 50 today. Yeah… Rather than dwell on it I decided to tie that landmark achievement to some continuous daily activity going forward, and as such I came up with doing “50 Rides In 50 Days.”

This inaugural ride took me downtown to the LAPD Metropolitan Property Division where I took possession of something of a birthday present to myself in the form of a perfectly good iPad that I’d found in the dirt during a dog walk a block from my house back in February. After making my own attempt locally to locate its owner I turned it in to LAPD Rampart Division so that they could try. Three months later, the item’s owner hadn’t been found so the lost iPad became mine.

So this first of 50 rides is of me pedaling there, getting the iPad and pedaling back home.