New Addition

We have seen all manner of critter in the course of our years here in Silver Lake a half-block south of Sunset Boulevard: from expected dogs and cats, the latter of which some tame and some feral, to a veritable somewhat unexpected parade of wild things. Be it live or captured on camera in the forms of raccoons, rats, mice, birds, lizards, spiders, insects, squirrels, skunks, opossums and coyotes, we’ve seen and appreciated a whole lotta wildlife for so seriously urban a scape.

Excluded from that extensive list? Rabbit. No Peter. No Bugs. No Ricochet. No Roger. At least not until yesterday afternoon, when our CritterCam at the Frog Pond spied what in all likelihood was a wild cottontail that materialized out of nowhere and was first seen hopping around the north side of the house, and then later in the backyard like it owned the place… much to the chagrin of Terra and Hazel who chased it into the rear shrubbery.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the critters that come calling is never say never.

Here’s the short vid, and a zoomed in still from it: