This is a portrait of my mom, taken yesterday.  Behind her is a more formal portrait of my mom and me and her granddaughter Kate and let’s not forget her dog Crockett in the dark lower left corner) taken in the mid-1990s.

This time last year, I came home from our fabulous Far East vacation with Susan and was greeted by a voicemail message from her that she was in a Glendale hospital with cancer. Two of them actually: ovarian and colon.

She kicked both their asses so well that it made her doctor cry. Literally.

Now that her hair has grown back she wanted me to take a picture of her to show my cousin Margaret how wild and crazy her “March hair” is. So I obliged.

Margaret emailed back: “I think it’s beautiful.”

I couldn’t agree more.

It is my new absolute favorite picture of her ever.

I love you, mom!

Shadow’s deterioration into total immobility during her last months made it tough to remember when she was so full of life and personality. And that’s what makes finding this forgotten (albeit ultra low-res) video mostly of her during a 2005 hike with me and Susan in Bronson Canyon Park that much more of a pleasant surprise in that it shows Shadow how she should and will be remembered: in all her rambunctious creek-hopping, keep-up-with-me glory. I love you, Shadow. Rest in peace.

What a pleasure it was to have my daughter Katie over for a visit and for her to join Susan and I during Sunday’s third CicLAvia.

As such we decided to load the truck up with our bikes and drive down close to the route, parking near 3rd and Rampart and pedaling to the course at 6th. Since we didn’t get rolling until after 1 p.m. we stopped for lunch at Mama’s Tamales on 7th for lunch and then casually rolled to the middle of 4th Street Bridge where we hung out for a spell under an absolutely gorgeous day before retracing our steps back to where we started.

And yes, indeed. As evidenced by the photo above ’twas the first time in I can’t remember how long that I rode a bike without a helmet. But if there’s any place where a helmet might be optional, it’s on the CicLAvia course.

Frustratingly I found out after the fact that my GoPro cam’s memory card filled up prematurely, which means I had forgotten to clear it of Friday’s long ride up to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. As a result, the timelapse video above ends a couple blocks before arriving at the bridge.

All in: 10.10 miles.

Susan snapped the following picture yesterday when I had the privilege of having the largest number of members of my family at our house for a laidback afternoon of burgers and conversation. There was my mother Casey, my daughter Katie, and my grandson Aiden — all of us together with my cousin Margaret from Nashville who is here visiting Casey. Four generations. Great grandmother, granddad (cough!), daughter Katie and grandson Aiden.

Here’s Grandpa (cough!!) and grandson in the backyard high-fiving after successfully hitting our target with a Nerf dartgun.

Who knew that the weapon, purchased to discourage a stubborn pair of pigeons from nesting under our eaves, would lead to this awesome moment, captured by my beloved wife.

Susan and I took my mom Casey to Moonshadows for Mother’s Day brunch May 8 and I stood the iPhone in the window next to our table to capture a minute of video of the incoming waves that if you look carefully just so happens to include some dolphins passing through in the middle distance (view full screen and in 720p for the clearest view of the critters):

Christmas 2010
Originally uploaded by there2roam

Susan beautifully captured this Christmas morning moment I shared with my grandson Aiden as I helped him open one of his presents during his visit with us yesterday. He’ll be 2 next year.

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