Silver Lake Stormwatch – March 6-8

rain0308I didn’t have much initial hope at the beginning of this latest storm. By the end of the first day, barely a quarter inch had collected in our backyard precipitometer. But something told me to leave things be and sure enough, then came Thursday’s delivery, which pushed the level up near the two-inch mark. That was followed by the unsettled conditions as the storm moved out Friday, which finished things up at just under two and a quarter –  I’m calling it 2.20 inches, officially.

Unlike the previous storm of February 19, which didn’t land enough wet stuff to push us out the the 16″ range, this one had juuuuuuuust enough to climb up into the 19″ zone for the season.

March 6-8: 2.20″
Season Total: 19.07″




Yeah, so early this afternoon I took a crappy iPhone cam snap of this parkway tree backed by a church in Echo Park and ran it through the fauxtograph cycle wherein it emerged as this somewhat stylized shot (click it for the bigger picture), all to represent what an absolutely gawd-beautiful day it is here in the lovely 90026 and perhaps to brighten anyone it mighten.

My weather app is telling me it’s only 75 degrees, but it feels like nothing less than 80 and and something more than perfect.

PS. I used to know what tree this was, but it has since escaped me.

Silver Lake Stormwatch: February 19

photoCan’t say the meteorologists didn’t warn me. They certainly didn’t up-play the potential rainfall yesterday’s very cold storm might drop. Still, given how it was a-brewing aaaaaall day long and how our backyard for whatever reason tends to be the beneficiary of rainfall totals greater than the average, I harbored hopes there might be a drenching, up until I dashed them in the late afternoon when nary more than the occasional sprinkle had sprunkled. Or is it sprankled?

By this morning the distant San Gabriel ridges visible from our Silver Lake bedroom were dusted nicely with the white stuff, but as for the wet stuff closer to home, our precipitometer tabulated less than one-third of an inch — officially: 0.30″ — not near close to the minimal amount needed to move us upward into the next inch mark.

February 19: 0.30″Season Total: 16.87″

There’s Snail In Them Thar Hills


Yeah, I know… I know. The east side of the country is digging out from massive amounts of snow dropped  by the latest monster winter storm, so this outdoor encounter doesn’t hold a 1000th of a drop of candlewax, but since fleeting hail is about the only organic frozen stuff I ever get rare occasion to encounter around these here Southern California parts, you’ll have to pardon me being fascinated with this singular patch of what’s called “graupel” I found below this magnificently mossy north-facing rock while about 2,400 feet up in the Verdugos between the Brand and Whiting Woods motorways as part of my latest Glendale Trail Safety Patrol yesterday.

Graupel (graw-pull) is the ungainly and term that seems to be just about the last thing meteorologist types would call the stage of precipitation that basically exists between hail and snow. I prefer to refer to the mixture via a mash-up of the words snow and hail to make “snail.”

Regardless of what it’s called, the one thing that can hopefully be agreed upon is that it was freakin’ cold enough up there at such a relatively low elevation to produce this stuff. I know that at the end of the patrol my nearly frost-bitten fingers wouldn’t argue that in the slightest.

Silver Lake Stormwatch: January 27

rain0127Went cumulative this time ’round since the backyard dealt with a relatively rapid series of storms over the last few days, ending sometime this morning when I looked out at a patch of sky and found it 57% gray-free. Given that the month of January has brought us almost three weeks of dryness, I’d say these systems more than made up for it, dropping 3.54″ into our backyard precipitometer.

Given that this season to-date still seemed drier than last, I was surprised to find more had fallen now than at this same time in 2012 — by almost a full inch, thanks to a 37-day-long dry spell between December 2011 and January 2012.

January 24-27: 3.54″
Season Total: 16.57″

UPDATE (01.28): Another weak system swept through yesterday evening, but did not produce measurable results.

The Big Chill: Icy Conditions This Morning In Silver Lake

My Charlie Brown Ninja figurine with KickYerButt action (don’t judge) proves it got cold enough at our Silver Lake-based domecile last night to freeze the surface of the “frog pond” solid enough to support his weight… until it didn’t. Fortunately I was able to resuscitate him after he fell in. And return to being totally fascinated by this minor example of a cold-weather byproduct that is the utmost in trivial to most of the rest of the nation.

Silver Lake Stormwatch: January 6

rainfall0106Can’t say this storm took me by surprise. I’d read that it was coming on Sunday, I just made the mistakes of 1) assuming it would  later today than sooner, and 2) not doing a weather check before turning in… which I blame on being completely exhausted after my first full Saturday back into my public safety training, the final six-month-long module of which began this past Wednesday.

So when I woke up and saw everything was wet this morning I shook my head at having battened nary a hatch as well as failing to tarp up the hammock and tortoise hutch. Sorry, Buster!

Thanking the weather gawdz for small favors, thing could’ve been a lot wetter and worse if it had been more than the half inch and change of rain that had fallen onto our backyard during the night. Coincidentally, the first rainfall of 2013 was juuust enough to put is into 13″ for the season.

January 6: .55″
Season Total: 13.03″