Images Nos. 1144 – 1151 of 2444: Acueducto de Queretaro Panoramico Magnifico

Restless and not ready for sleep, I was scrolling through the images of our Mexico trip and came upon the seven-shot sequence I snapped shortly after our arrival (following a long walk across the city) at the landmark and historic Queretaro Aqueduct, started in 1726 and completed in 1738.

I’ve had little luck the last few tries with the stitching program I employ to put my panoramic shots together, and so when I loaded in the images I did so with little confidence it would work the first time out. Too my entire surprise, it did and allowed me to turn insomnia into something somewhat productive and share with you the vast majority of the 4,400-foot long Roman-style water project that while now long dry did in its day 270 years ago quench the freshwater needs of the burgeoning city (click to humonginate):