This is the current stage of the saga of one of three orange dog caterpillars I was given to foster-raise by my friend David. Three unfortunately became two when the youngest one died a few days in, but the remaining two “Meta” and “Morph” thrived to the point of pupating. Pictured above is Meta who wasted little time transitioning to a chrysalis upon being introduced to an herb plant my wife bought. Morph, wasn’t very fond of the plant and went wandering until it found a suitable place to pupate, under a shelf beneath my desk.

Here’s what they looked like as caterpillars, that’s Meta on the left and Morph (a day or two younger) on the right:


Presuming they’re healthy and sound and developing without issue, it’s unknown when Meta might emerge as a swallowtail butterfly. It could be days, weeks, or even not until next spring. My original plan had been to allow them to progress toward that end outdoors, contained within the safety of a makeshift terrarium. But with Morph opting to set up its chrysalis under my desk, I’ve decided to leave them both inside in hopes that with a similar temperature and environment they’llĀ  become butterflies around the same time.

Obviously there’s not a lot to see right now, but my hope is that this camera I’ve set up will capture that magnificent moment when Meta breaks out.

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