Just A Thought Before I Go (To Bed)

I was surprisingly indifferent — even siding with the underdogs throughout most of it. But wow what an awesome game. I’ve seen a lot of football but I’ve never seen such a clutch performance in such a clutch game as Texas Quarterback Vince Young’s at the Rose Bowl leading the Longhorns to a 41-38 come from behind victory against USC tonight — a win that not only broke the Trojans 34-game win streak, but also dashed their hopes of an unprecedented third-straight national title.

Young didn’t just complete 30 out of 40 passes. He also rushed for 200 yards. And he led them all the way back from a 12-point deficit with six minutes left in the fourth quarter, with his go-ahead TD enabled not only by his poise and spectacular athleticism (word to an incredible offensive line), but also by USC coach Pete Carroll’s gutsy yet ultimately unsuccessful call to go for it on fourth down and one yard near midfield. Personally, I would have punted and made Texas drive 80 yards instead of 50, but that’s why he’s a phenomenally successful head coach and I’m just a stuggling hack.

In the pregame hoopla I heard someone comment “First one to 40 points wins.” Spot on, whoever you were. Spot on.

And my bet for tomorrow’s sports page headline? In-Vince-Able!