A couple days ago on I posted what’s become an annual rant around this time of year about asshat neighbors who just put their Christmas trees out with the trash cans and then just leave them out there after they aren’t picked up:

I know this has been covered elsewhere (Councilman Eric Garcetti’s blog and LAist come to mind). Hell, I should just cut and paste my “Help Take The Ass Out Of Christmas” post from 366 days ago , but instead I’ll just link to it and keep the redundant complaining about “Not My Problem” Christmas tree dumpers to the following observation.

Walking the dog this morning down to the end of the block (basically a 20th of a mile) I found three of the dead arbors discarded curbside by my asshat neighbors where they will sit for infinity or at least until Saturday when I sweep my block and toss as many as the back of my truck will carry along with mine, which I will then shlep over to the city’s tree recyling station in the L.A. Zoo’s parking lot. There are 16 of the stations throughout L.A. open this weekend and next from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Well, this morning before Susan and I went for a hike up from Ferndell Park up to the Griffith Observatory, I made good on my pledge to scope out the ‘hood and by the time I was back at the house I had five trees strapped down in the bed of the pick-up, like so:

Tree Haul