…But I Get Up Again

So I put on a tie and got myself down to the Ronald Reagan state building at 300 S. Spring Street in time for my 8:15 a.m. hearing to appeal the Employment Development Department’s categorical denial of my unemployment benefits. As I said yesterday, I felt the opportunity to elaborate my side could bring needed dimension — and reversal — to the EDD’s very one-sided decision to deem me ineligible. Nevertheless there are two situations I dread: courtrooms and hospitals. So to say I was anxious is putting it mildly.

After having a chance to review my case file my name was called and I followed the hearing judge down narrow corridors into a small windowless chamber. After some orientational instruction the tape recorder’s play button was pushed and away we went.

Since no one from the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association or the L.A. Zoo saw it fit to show up and dispute my appeal, it basically came down to me restating the letter I sent to the EDD after they denied my claim.

Less than 20 minutes later it was over and I came away with the strong sense that the judge would be overturning the EDD’s decision, which definitely added to my feelings of elation and relief that the ordeal was over. Even if the ruling isn’t in my favor, I’m just glad to have gotten through it. Time to put it away and move on.

And I celebrated by deviating from my diet with a McGriddles value meal from McDonald’s that I got on the way home. I don’t know what’s worse, eating the tasty but craptastic food items or acknowledging their abject lack of nutrition on my fitday.com journal (the McG has how many calories!?). Nothing to worry about though as I’m going to further celebrate this positive turn of events with a 20-mile bike ride with an hour on the treadmill down at the YMCA thrown in for good measure.