The Deep End

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m off to jump into the jury pool — and actually wanting to! That’s right, I may very well be the only person there who doesn’t want to be anyplace else and actually wishes to get on a jury. I’ll personally be affronted — not relieved — if I am excused or dismissed.

I got my iPod and laptop charged, I’ve shed any sharp objects and fire-starting items. There’s a bottle of water holstered in a side pocket of my case and inside a box of raisins, a protein bar and a couple servings of pretzels… and what else? Oh, my current book Curse of the Narrows (which I discussed a few days ago).

Since I’m busing it, I’m debating bringing a camera (other than my phone’s cam) as I won’t have a car to stash it and I believe they’re pretty much prohibited. Pity the courthouse doesn’t have day-use lockers… but then again I could go stow it in one at the YMCA a few blocks away. We’ll see. Just get me empaneled first!