Gimme Kissee!

OK, so I blew it today, which is a negative way of saying I gave into an urge. At the market today shopping for groceries I tossed an 11-ounce bag of the new peanut butter-filled Hershey’s kisses into the cart and when I got home and had a healthy lunch of soup and sardines, I tore into the bag like a ravenous animal.

Before I could catch a breath I’d ingested three servings of the things for an additional 690 calories. But there’s good news in that last sentence: the part where I mention that it was “three servings,” which translates into 27 kisses. No more, no less.

See, I could have just as easily gobbled away and blown off keeping any sort of count. If I’d had the entire bag would be gone. But as it stands the remaining five servings are sitting right in front of me and I’m entirely uninterested in them anymore. In fact, after three-plus weeks of a terrifically limited candy intake (one half of a Fast Break bar a couple weeks ago) I’m feeling a little queasy from this mini-binge. I couldn’t eat another one if I’d wanted to. So I may take them with me when I go on tonight’s 25-mile RIDE-Arc group bike ride and pass them off to the first homeless person I see. Or I’ll just throw the bag in the trash, but I’d like not to just waste ’em. We’ll see.

Or maybe Cybele might like them to review for her Candy Blog?