Daze Like These

Fair warning: this is a scattershot post of little consequence, flitting between whatever topics are bouncing around my brain until I get bored and go to bed.

• The Grammy Awards were on TV last night. I do not care for awards show, least of all the Grammies. I interact so little with whatever they’re calling popular music these days that I do not give a rat’s ass who is awarded the trophy for best song or best album or best use of blonde highlights in a music video (comedy or drama). I’m so out of that realm only up until way too recently I thought Kanye was just an affected way to spell Kane. I had no idea it was pronounced Con-Yay! Pffft.

• Having said all that, I am addicted to American Idol, just like I was last season. Other “can’t miss” shows for me are 24, Lost, and Survivor.

• I got my jury pay today. A check for $15. For what amounts to a roundtrip comp’ed busride and about 30 minutes of standing around and waiting before I got cut loose.

• I had my first extended Costco run today in a long time. Mostly I’d just go in get water or cat litter or socks or whatever other specific thing I needed and then bust outta there. Today I cruised every square inch of the aisles and spent $264.63 and got a whole buncha stuff. Like water and cat litter. Figured I’d give Gardenburgers a try, and five pounds of tangerines… although I held off from buying 10 pounds of grapefruit and now I’m sorry I did. I’m fucking loving grapefruit right now. Craving it. And surge protectors — not that I’m craving surge protectors, it’s just that there was a two pack of the things and one can’t never have enough of them. Oh, and olives stuffed with bleu cheese. Dang, those are tasty.

• The jury came back in favor of Angels owner Arte Moreno renaming the Anaheim Angeles, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I think the Dodgers owner should rename them the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles.

• I planted a bay laurel sapling we got for bringing our Christmas tree to one of the city’s recycling centers last month. It’s been sitting in our kitchen window dying, so I dug a hole in what I hope is a good place for it in the front yard and filled it in with potting soil and plunked the little guy down there. Hope the little fella recovers. Then I watered the rest of the front, back and side yards because it’s been hot lately.

• There’s a new cat on the block. A gray tabby with collar that sports a very noticeable red tag. I’ve seen it twice in two days. I’m not sure if it’s lost or just a neighbors pet, but I’m hoping if it’s the former that I’ll be able to rescue it. It doesn’t seem too afraid of people.

• Tomorrow night is the monthly Midnight Ridazz ride. The prelim info has it as a “long” ride with a kickass hill at the end up to Dodger Stadium. At least it’ll finish close to home. I’m sure I’ll have to shake off the urge just to stay put that hits me around 9 p.m., but I’ll top off my flask of Drambuie and shake it off.

• Saturday as something of a Valentine’s Day dinner, Susan and I are going to the Spanish Kitchen on La Cienega. We’re going to get there early and throw back some mojitos first.

• I gave in to a late-night craving and had a serving of the peanut butter filled Hershey’s Kisses that I’ve been meaning to get over to Cybele. I counted out nne pieces and inhaled them. No more, no less. 230 calories at 11 p.m. Funny thing is I’m wondering if doing so somehow made me less hungry today. By the time dinner had rolled around I hadn’t even hit 1,000 calories, finishing off with 1,800. The lowest daily total since I began the dietJanuary 8. Maybe it wasn’t metabolic in anyway, just guilt.

• In the meantime, the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate truffle bar that I bought two weeks ago, still sits in plain view on the corner of my desk, unopened. That’s a fucking record.

• I’m planning on biking down to the YMCA tomorrow and becoming reacquainted with the treadmills there.

• I literally have nothing else I want to say. Goodnight.