Gonna Shoot The Whole Day Down

Sunday again. Weigh-in day again. I had a goal to lose three pounds given that I gained one last week.

Perhaps it didn’t help that Susan and I went to the Spanish Kitchen on La Cienega for dinner last night and I had not one, not two but three mojitos and for dinner their carne asada.

Agh, let’s cut to the chase. I stepped in the scale and it gave me 252. Same as last week. Despite sub-2,000 calorie days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Despite a 26-mile solo bike ride to the beach Monday and the 20-mile Midnight Ridazz on Friday. Despite three two-mile walks with Shadow Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and an hour combined spent on the new exercise apparatus Susan got from Sharper Image.

Understatement: I’M FUCKING PISSED.

I suppose I should look at the positive and say to myself “Well, at least I didn’t gain another pound and have it show 253! If nothing fucking else, at least I’m holding steady!”

Yeah, that helps.

But then here’s where it gets good. I make the decision to step on Susan’s scale. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake. Gross error. First it shows me 255. Then I move it to another piece of the hardwood and it hits me with 257.5. I move the piece of shit into another room entirely (the same place I weightd myself with the first scale) and again: 257.5! I can almost here it laughing in this dry electronic tone and inquirying if I’d like to move it outside and try for 258?

Can I get a hell to the no!?

So here’s the plan. First, I’m not giving up. Despite the disappointment of these past two weighings, the fact remains I’ve lost eight pounds in five weeks, which keeps me on track to lose the 30 pounds by July 1. I’m still gonna stick with the healthy eating and the increased exercise as my primary tactics. But I’m going to skip weighing myself next week, and maybe even the week after that. I just don’t need the aggravation of all my good work and good feelings being negated by equipment that is proving unreliable. And when I do recommence the weigh-ins it’s going to be with the researched purchase of a non-electric “medical grade” floor scale.

Onward and downward.