Sing Us A Song You’re The Piano Cat…

It’s only been very recently that the generally reclusive and recalcitrant Bink (whose somewhat devilish demeanor led me to dub him “binkubus” early on in our relationship… I think specifically it was after he bit me on the head while I slept one early morning) has begun emerging from his shell and not only broadening his range beyond the bedroom but also increasing his interaction with us bipeds.

It’s still a surprise when he comes out into the livingroom and actually hops up on the couch with us to hang out, but we’re getting used to it — except when he pulls a fast one and does something never before seen, like hang out atop the piano as I found him this morning shortly after rising:

Bink on the piano

Of course, I rushed to grab the Canon G3 to immortalize the moment, forgetting that I dropped it and broke it yesterday while trying to take pictures of the treasures I dug up during yesterday’s yardwork, so I had to settle for the DV cam’s snapshot ability in the very dim light, and obviously afterward had to goof with it Photoshop to get Bink to be anything more than a black blob.

A larger version can be found here in my fauxtography pool on Flickr.