To Live & Meme In L.A.

I confess I’m a sucker for Q&A memes that waft around out there in the ether. Most of the time I find them on someone else’s blog and just join in. Rare is it that I’m actually and personally tapped to participate — until just now when I found an email from Rodger Jacobs of 8763 Wonderland who wrote: “Tag! You’re It!” and provided a link back to his blog where I find he’d been tagged to answer the “Four L.A. Things Meme” by Kim Cooper of the awesome 1947Project and editor of Scram magazine.

OK, enough with who zoomed who, here are the questions and my answers:

Four Jobs I’ve Had In My Life in LA:

Paper Boy, Herald Examiner
Stockroom worker, Hunters Books, Rodeo Drive branch
Sparkletts Man, Sparkletts Drinking Water
Managing Editor, Pasadena Weekly

Four Movies About LA I Could Watch Over And Over:

Blade Runner
Double Indemnity
Sunset Boulevard

Can’t resist a few mentions, perhaps some more honorable than others: LA Confidential, Darkman, LA Stories, Miracle Mile

Four Places I’ve Lived All Over L.A. (With Food Memories From Each):

Beverly Hills; Dolores Drive-In (long gone)
Los Angeles; El Coyote
Hollywood; The Tick Tock Restaurant (long gone)
Burbank; Chili Johns

Four LA-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch:

L.A. Law

Four Places I Would Vacation At In LA:

Palos Verdes

Four LA-Based Websites I Visit Daily:
LA Observed
LA Voice

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In LA:

Double cheeseburger extra pickles, Tommy’s
Tom Kah Gai soup, Sompun in Silver Lake
Double-dipped lamb sandwich with bleu cheese, Philippe’s
Long Island Dog, Pink’s

Four Places In LA I Would Rather Be Right Now:

Griffith Park
UCLA Mildred Mathias Botanical Gardens
Mugu Peak, Pt. Mugu State Park
Lunada Bay (just to hike and hang… not to surf — even if I knew how)


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Sean Bonner
Mack Reed
Cybele May