The Countdown Continues

I broke ranks with myself this morning and stepped on the scale. I thought I’d converted myself to weighing-in only every two weeks, but the impulsive side of me staged a coup.

While I’d considered it during the week, I’d been hesitant to do so, in part because I hadn’t included any large-scale exercise efforts. Sure, I’d logged 15-plus miles walking with Shadow Monday through Friday, and there was yesterday’s 4.5-hour marathon stroll with Susan around the ‘hood that included the L.A. Conservancy’s Angelino Heights Walking Tour, but I hadn’t gone on any long bike rides — in fact I hadn’t been on my bike at all this past week.

So I braced myself for a zero loss or even a one-pound gain (which wouldn’t be too surprising given my eight-pound drop recorded last Sunday) and took my place on the scale’s platform. After what seemed like a very long time, the red numbers showed:


Wow! Another four pounds burned off for a total of 20 pounds lost since I began this January 8, putting me two-thirds the way to my first-stage goal of 30 pounds and waaaaaaay ahead of achieving it by July 1. Amazing and awesome!

At this rate (which I fully understand will not sustain — nor should it) I stand a very good chance of moving into second-stage loss territory in the next month or two. That goal is 210 pounds… a weight I haven’t been since my late teens. Followed by my final-stage goal of 195 pounds… which I can’t recall ever being since high school when I moved past the six-foot mark.