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So yesterday I braved the bad weather and cowered from my common sense and included myself in the two-year birthday celebration for the Midnight Ridazz. I was joined by Mack Reed of L.A. Voice and we both went the route’s 12.6-mile distance ultimately soaked to the skin and borderline frostbitten in places but without insult or injury.

And tomorrow I ride again with Mack and a couple fellow Blogging.la contributors Ben and Dave as a team in the inaugural L.A. Treasure Hunt, something akin to a localized Amazing Race on bikes where we have to ride around the surrounding areas and neighborhoods deciphering clues and locations where we have to gather and deliver specified items before being given our next clue.

For example:

Clue #2
Collect 25 cans of food. Cannot have meat or dairy.
Bring the canned food to this location.
1053 Laguna Ave.
LA, CA (Echo Park)

All of the goods we procur and deliver during the course of the event gets donated to downtown’s Union Rescue Mission. And if we win, we get to rock a purported $2,500 treasure chest of shwag and stuff (although details about what’s included are a closely guarded secret).

Truth be told, while my competitive streak wouldn’t be averse to winning, I’m in this mainly to have a fun and unique experience. It all begins tomorrow at noon at Echo Park Lake — speaking of, which here’s a picture from beside the lake’s paddleboathouse that I took several days ago on a long walk with Shadow back for some more of the Victorian-era goodness found on Carroll Avenue:


Shadow and I gave the area surrounding Carroll Avenue a good look-around and found that there’s much more there architecturally than just the high concentration of Victorian homes. Here’s a couple:


The small sign at the bottom right reads “Restoration of this 1906 house by the Monumental Arts Group.” And this fabulous one below was right next door. Dig those columns and archways.


Anyway, it’s a quiet day around here. Susan had to go into work for a few hours and before she got home I took the dog for our regular three-mile stretch. Now that she’s back we’re just waiting for a painting contractor to show up and give us an estimate on doing the exterior of the house.

UPDATE: Tomorrow’s event has been called on account of the potential for rain, dammit. It’s been rescheduled to April 2.

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