Happy Birthday, Rodger!

Last night I got to do two things I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now: Have a drink at the historic Tam O’ Shanter in Atwater Village and meet Rodger “House” Jacobs of 8763 Wonderland who invited me there to help ring in his new year. I’d been an occasional visitor to his blog for awhile, but it was only after he fired across the bow of Blogging.la with some frank and not-undeserved criticism a few months ago (and got overtly harshed in return by some of my fellow contributors) that I became a regular visitor.

At least meeting Rodger only took a matter of months. That I’d never set foot in the Tam in my entirety is excuseless — especially since not only was it directly on my route territory back in the days when I was a Sparkletts Man, but if memory serves it also was a favorite wateringhole of restaurant reviewer Dan O’Heron back in the day when I occupied the managing editor desk of the Pasadena Weekly. Plus it’s freakin’ Scottish to the kilt hilt what with its extensive collection of clan tartans decorating the walls (I didn’t spot a Campbell, but then again I didn’t take too good a look around).

Anyway, it was great to meet Rodger and introduce myself to the Tam. Plus I also got to see Martini Republic’s Joseph Mailander again and meet author John Shannon, as well as blogger Adriana Bliss.