First For Everything

As elaborated in the previous post this’ll be my 13th consecutive month of March involved with the L.A. Marathon either on foot (1994), on wheels (1995-2005), or both (2003 and 2005). Yet in all those years — especially the ones that I’ve only biked — I’ve always driven myself to the start vicinity, dealt with the varying degrees of pre-dawn gridlock, paid some outrageous fee to park my car, and then biked over to the start pack.

While understandable when I was living in Encino or Sherman Oaks and it was a far longer haul to make, it’s pretty much inexcusable to me that since moving a few miles away from downtown almost four years ago, I haven’t just pedaled on over.

That ends tomorrow. Indeed, I’ll be rising around 4 a.m. Sunday, gearing up and biking down through the sleeping city to Exposition Park near USC where I’lll join thousands of other cyclists for the 5:50 a.m. start to the 21.8-mile bike tour. Upon successful completion I will then bike back home (or maybe up to The Pantry for a pancake breakfast, first).

And yes, the helmet cam will be in full-effect recording the estimated 75 minutes it will take for me and The Phoenix to journey from start to finish line.