Dear Vons:

Two weeks ago while checking out, I was given what amounts to an IOU from the cashier for two admissions to the new Ice Age movie. I was given the IOU instead of the actual tickets because the store had not yet received its allotment at that time. I was told to bring the IOU with me on my next visit to the store and I would be given the tickets then.

Last Friday I did this and the cashier told me the tickets still had not arrived and asked the manager when they were expected. He shrugged and suggested I try again next visit, which was today. Again I presented the IOU and again I was told the tickets were not available and to try again another time.

I told the cashier that I have a better idea… that Vons could go ahead and keep their phantom tickets, and that whatever the foul-up was I hated the feeling of having to repeatedly beg for something I didn’t want in the first place. Then I kindly demanded she dispose of the IOU and I left. I am a longtime Vons customer and as such you might want to pass this along to whoever’s in charge of promotions because trust me, the next time I encounter any sort of give-away at Vons where the only thing I’m given is the run-around, that will be the last time I shop at your stores.