Steady As We Go

I was going to skip this Sunday’s regularly scheduled weigh-in because last week’s was done directly after I got home from the Acura LA Bike Tour and the two-pound loss to 232 that I registered was more like short-term water loss from the 30-miles I rode and not actual weight loss. Thus, I was going to avoid the scale today because the last thing I wanted to see was a “gainback” of that water weight reflected in a higher number.

But after Susan stepped to it this morning and registered another two pounds down (bringing her to 14 total and almost halfway to her goal — congrats bay-bee!), I threw caution to the wind and climbed up on the platform, which showed me:


That’s OK. If nothing else I climbed up from that “false” reading and then made it back down to where I am with some “true” weight displacement (and a total of 28 pounds after 11 weeks). Whether I get another two out of here and hit my first stage goal of 30 pounds this week or next remains to be seen. But trust me, I’m going to be ramping the output up and paring the input down in hopes I can get there sooner rather than later.