Three Avocados, A Baby Banana And A Broken Chair

This morning’s rains forced a shortening of the usually walk I take with the dog. Instead of a big loop around the neighborhood, we kept it to the neighboring block and included a detour down the alley Susan and I explored a couple weekends or so. The good news is that someone mowed and chopped up all the overgrowth blanketing the narrow throughway. The bad news is that most of it’s piled up at the south end of the alley creating a semi-treacherous deadfall that must be scaled.

But Shadow and I made it over unscathed and were able to snag a trio of low-hanging avocados. I was disappointed to find the fruit-bearing limb of one of the banana trees had been broken and brought one of the baby fruits home just for show:


I also decided to haul home a much dilapidated and derelict wooden chair that had been abandoned for gawd knows how long further up the alley nearer to Marathon.


I have this half-assed idea to drill holes in the sides of the separated seat portion and fit them with dowels to hold them together in something of an alignment. Or I’ll just leave it and put it out back somewhere as yart. We’ll see.