I wasn’t going to do my standard Sunday weigh-in, in part because of the tostada salad and double maggie I had for lunch yesterday after the Blessing of the Animals at Olvera Street, but then this morning Susan and I had a good three-mile walk around the neighborhood and in response to some landscaping she u8ndertook in the front yard after we got home I armed myself with clippers, rake and shovel and set to beating back the backyard overgrowth.

Whenever I’ve dug around up in there in the past I always seem to unearth another odd artifact of some sort, and today’s endeavor was not different. Behold an empty tube of Mollé Brushless Shaving Cream:

From a Google search I found this stuff was big in the 1940s. It even sponsored the Mollé Mystery Theater on NBC radio:

During the height of radio’s golden age, there was no such thing as shave gel or even shave cream in aerosol cans.  The modern shave creams of the era was known as either lather or brushless.  Many well-known and not-so-well-known brands made either brushless, lather, or both.  With the many brands on the market, the object was to find the right shave cream for both tough whiskers and tender skin.  For those men with this problem, they could use any shave cream brand they wanted to— as long as the tube or jar said Mollé (pronounced “Mo-Lay”).

As to this things specific age, I have no idea. But given the house is more than 90 years old, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been hanging around for 60-plus years.

And after all the exertion, I hopped into the shower and with a “what the hell” beforehand I stepped onto the scale and it pleasantly read 224… another two pounds gone. Nice.