Another Find

Well sure, while it certainly isn’t another friggin’ German army helmet, the backyard did surrender yet another intact artifact while I was out there doing a little clean-up this morning: another semi-unique vessel. To my unschooled eye it resembles one of those mini wine bottles, and there’s a seam so its nothing as archaic as some of the other glassware I’ve uncovered (sorry for the crap image… my cheapo digicam won’t focus on anything less than 40 feet away).


It measures 41 picas tall (just shy of seven inches) and holds 5.5 ounces of fluid when filled up to the tippy top of the mouth. On the bottom it is the now familiar Anchor-Hocking logo in the center. Above it reads 8903-2; to the left of the logo is a 6, to the right is a 54 and below the logo is a 41. It was packed full of dirt so it had been there a bit. But now she’s cleaned up and will take her rightful place in the Backyarchaelogy Gallery above my desk.