Profile In Courage

Milestone time. I know, I know… this blog has become a bit redundant of late. If it’s not about my weight loss or a walk around the neighborhood, than it’s about whatever I’ve dug up outta the backyard. Well tough. If you’re one of my rapidly dwindling number of readers please attempt to suffer through yet another thrilling and photo-illustrated episode of…

Clothes That Now Fit!

talldrink.jpgBackground: A couple/three years ago I went through the training to become a member of the Mountain Bike Unit (MBU), a team of patrol volunteers who ride around various public parklands and wildernesses in the area providing assistance and rules enforcement when necessary. Great group of guys. Upon graduation I was awarded the MBU’s coveted and blindingly yellow jersey that I didn’t fit into then. Worse when it became all to clear I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my required patrol obligations I resigned from the group… but never did return the aforementioneed blindingly yellow jersey. Instead it sat in the drawer languishing with my other bike garb that I hadn’t dared wear since the end of 2003.

Now I tried it on a few weeks ago and was very close to fitting into it then. With a few more pounds lost in the interim, I decided to don her one mo’ time. The results astounded me enough to damn the flashbulb and take a dang picture in it… I told you it was blindingly yellow.

Now tell me that it doesn’t look like it was tailor-made!