A Couple Shy Of Three Stones* Down

What used to be a Sunday weigh-in (trepidation included) has now become a whenever-the-hell-I-want weigh-in (trepidation long gone). Thus, when I stepped to it this morning the scale showed me down another two to 220 pounds.

Two-hundred and twenty pounds. Forty lost. Righteous and unbelievable! 6’2″ and 220 has always been my personal ideal height/weight pairing… prototypical perhaps because I remember those stats called out by football announcers when discussing college and pro players. Six Two Two Twenty. It just sounds good to me. I’m still going to climb down the ladder to 195 just because I want to, but once that’s acheived I plan on settling back up here around the 215 area.

I’ve been itching recently to get into the tennis groove again at the downtown YMCA but a couple months ago I made an internal pact that I wouldn’t pick up a racquet until I landed at — yep — 220. I was playing well enough at 260, but I can only imagine how much better/stronger/faster my game will get now that I’ve dropped more than 15% of my excess baggage… not to mention how much nicer the lighter load will be on the knees. Time to go get back into the swing of things.

In other news, things I have to do today (particular no order in): dishes, laundry, vacuum, dust, walk dog, 10-mile bike ride, groceries, stogie break in the backyard, write, pick up daughter. Love the way that last one sounds.

*I believe the unit of measurement known as the stone weighed 14 pounds.