Susan and I had a full day planned yesterday… or at least a partially full day. We were all signed up to help beautify Silver Lake as part of the citywide Big Sunday volunteering project, but a phone call from her boss before 8 a.m. — on a damn Sunday! — instead diverted her into the office for practically the entire day — on a damn Sunday! — to avert a project disaster.

I suppose I still could have gone over and helped beautify the neighborhood, but my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. Thus the high points of my day were retreiving two lizards that Pepper had caught, causing unknown psychological trauma but thankfully no physical damage to them, and the rest of it was spent around the computer and occasionally twiddling my thumbs trying to decide whether or not to go for a bike ride. I did not.

After her looooooooooong hard day at work picking up balls that other people had dropped — on a damn Sunday! — my love finally got home well after 6 p.m. and somehow found the energy to whip up a Tomato & Garlic & Mussel soup recipe she’d been wanting to try for a couple weeks and when we sat down to it and the latest from The Sopranos that we’d TiVo’d she wasn’t interested in photographing the epicureal evidence, but I couldn’t let her wonderful work go unimmortalized (pardon the garish flash):